A few ideas

it would be nice if we could reset our  view in edit mode  . i  press a key by mistake and i am under the floor having to  relog in.

  It would be nice if we could have live music events with a proper sized crowd : A fashion show seems hardly worth the trouble if only 30 people plus ten models can come to it ditto for a club... it seems hardly worthwhile to build a club  for 40 people. If i  am to build a reproduction of Versailles for the fun of a  grand ball in the  Hall of Mirrors. Where only 40 people can attend?  IT needs numbers to make such a thing inspiring. For such a lot of work. It is a disincentive.Why make a fabulous theatrical event , spend months on costumes and dances animations, props...etc.      Give us the people and we will give you the magic.  



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