Scene (edit) to Scene (edit) PM voice chat.

I did hit this problem with someone else. Voice chat quality is good in sansar and it works ! But there's one problrm. If you want to test things or explain things. Or are hopping around between scene's you lose communication or it just stops.

If am in edit mode and the other in scene or edit mode we can ot communicate by voice.. Same as wehn your both in the same experience and soemthing need to be tested. then you need to jump into edit mode (start to wish the combine edit and experience into one RT platform.)

Now you think, use skype !
We did the first day, But skype broke and not accept my microphone input anymore while it works in other programs.


It would be very usefull if we can have a voice connection PM based so you can be in edit mode or both in different scene's. Especially voice between edit mode is usefull.

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