Support longer filenames in edit mode for inventory properties and scene objects and combine both in one window.

I use filenames that are long. I already made them shorter.
But sansar cannot handle long filenames. The get capped after some length in the inventory window, properties window and scene object window.

As example i did used a filename like this.

Factory Building 20170711_2202_Model_B_000.fbx

Now in sansar edit mode it looks like this.

While looking for options. Properties also not handle long filenames correct. But you can see the whole filename by clicking on it and pressing the END key. This i just found. if it's new i don't know.

Scene objects cannot handle long names to.


  1. It looks like the max length that works good is around 22 characters.
  2. Sansar does not like a space in the filename, it's doing strange things in my inventory window. Like you see in the first picture.. make sure you replace them for something like underscores.

I like to see support for longer filenames by add a horizontal scrollbar to the scene object window. And i think for the inventory window a detail view mode could solve this problem.

Suggestion could be to combine scene objects and inventory in one smaller vertical window (around 400px width) on the left side with horizontal scrollbar at the bottom. Where you can select with a tab button between scene objects or inventory view. So far i never used both at the same time.



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