Can someone translate this to normal Blender textures?

  • Diff Intensity - Emissive texture. Must be in .exr format.
  • Diff Color - Diffuse. We also support alpha masking in the diffuse texture.
  • Shading Mirror - Metalness. This determines the color of reflected light.
  • Specular Color - Roughness. A simple way to make this is to make a normal specular texture, then invert the black and white values. Black areas appear glossy and white areas do not reflect light.
  • Geometry Normal - Normal map.

I need to know in simple, normal, blender ... or SL ... terms for what is the normal texture, what is the diffuse, what is the specular, what is the occlusion in the list above. What of these do we need and what don't we need? What are these terms in SL as compared to what Sansar is calling them? And how do I make a texture ".exr" format, that is not an option in my paint/photo program (PSP)? Why can't we use PNGs or other normal textures?


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