Basic profiles

I'm new to Sansar, so I may be missing something. I would like to be able to view a profile for a person I see in my chat window, see in-world, or otherwise see referenced in some place like this forum.

I realize this isn't fundamental to the base technology for a 3D world, but it is very important for fostering the community of creators. Arguably, the more we communicate, the more collaborative and clever we will become as a whole.

I see this as a really easy thing to implement today. There are only two critical things I think I need: 1.) User-controlled text like "About" in SL. 2.) User-controlled private notes like in SL. #2 is really important to me, as in SL, I use it to cue me to how I know people, what I know about them, and what skills they may have to offer me for use in my own projects.


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