Camera wiggle, F4 disable, day-night cycle, teleport length

* In desktop mode, the camera has an annoying wiggle, among other weird behaviours. By weird, I mean off the standards. Mouse should be locked or gone while rotating, it should follow the avatar faster, etc.

* In the layout editor, we should be able to disable the F4 moving camera. For means of immersion, we should be able to control what the visitors see. Would also cut away alot of work, as some objects could be seen only from certain angles.

* Related to the things I've said above, we should be able to control the teleport length. Making it really short would disable nwanted teleports, while still leaving an option to /unstuck in case of bad physics.

* I think the lighting in Sansar is pretty neat, at least compared to SL. Still, I wish you won't make the same mistake like in SL, and let the creator chose the lights. Also, to have a standard day-night cycle, with a timer tweak, would be awesome.

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