The joy of LSL vs Sansar scripting

After opening several Sansar script examples available and going thru them, to me Sansar script is like a frightening wall of text I don't have the head to get :(

I'm not a scripter/coder, LSL scripting is almost in plain English, simple and easy to learn/understand/edit even if you are not a scripter. Creating products in SL is a joy.

Sad if it continues this way as meaningful content & product creation in Sansar is going to be 'gated' and non-scripters are going to be hobbled and slowed down by this artificial barrier - versus the speed of workflow using LSL in SL.

Reminds me of the Blender interface fight, the elitist who 'gets it' mercilessly bashes the stupid plebs who scream in frustration at it and demand change/simplification - when MAX, Maya, C4D is so intuitive a beginner can get started within minutes. I hope Sansar scripting would be redone to be more intuitive and instinctive in the future - and easy to edit in-game like LSL, not create an artificial 'gating' for the rest of the non-scripting pleb creators like myself :p My 2 cents. Thank you.


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