Branding, Packs/Sets/Bundles, Watermarking, Categories, ... - Store Optionthread

I want to put together important "store-options" which should be implemented/allowed. These options where mentioned in different posts, I want to bundle them here.

Please add your own ideas and additional argumentation! : )


1. Branding

We should be able to brand our products as it has only advantages for the user as for the creator. Like in RL a Brand/Label stands for a certain quality and style. Customers can rely on a brand/label. It gives them security and trust. Also as mentioned in another post it will help the user to keep their inventory organized properly.


2. Add several individual listings into a collection (allow Packs, Sets, Bundles)

We should be able to sell "Sets" of items.

It can not be that a wooden plank is listed a dozen times for the different length they have + the same again with a different wood texture.

Or actually a Hedge Arch which is listed four times with slightly different colors.

That hurts the eyes and does not make the store a better place - in the contrary. It is overwhelming and confusing, it causes stress, it is not consumer friendly, you can not offer different color variations for free or offer discounts for buyin a bundle.

We sell to people who want to build or decorate an experience - we should be able to sell "Building-Packs", "Sets", like a collection of planks with different sizes or flowers with a variation of colors included, etc.

I really hope that this will change in the future cause where should this end? A trillion listings for slight variations instead of builder packs..?!



I agree that it would be very nice to not have 10 plans of different lengths all separate listed. Can be fixed wityh pulldown menu in detail.

from Richardus Raymaker 


3. Watermarks in product pictures

Well, at Ebay it is a common practice to add watermarks on product pictures, so that these pictures do not get stolen and misused. That has its point in Sansar as well as it has its point on the SL marketplace too. Especially for people who will sell textures, per example.


4. Categories

If I remember right it was said that Sansar will provide better stores then SL.

In SL I miss the possibility to create own categories within my marketplace-store. That makes it very difficult for customers to browse my shop or any shop which has more then two dozen items. Please see if you can implement such categories for the own store.


5. More then one store per creator/avatar.

If you produce very different items it is not good for the user/customer if they are all put in one store. It leads to a very bad overview and it diminishes the focus and therefore the "credo" of the shop. If one avatar could open different stores for different topics that would be good for everyone.


6. Optimization / Rendercost

The "rendercost" should be shown for every item so the user knows what impact on performance the item has. Kinda like Land Impact in SL.
Creation Sellers should be made aware that they should sell very optimized items - and per example not use a texture of 1024px x 1024px on a tiny nail, etc. - maybe with a questionnaire like in SL before you are able to upload meshes

Texture sellers should offer different sized textures, not like in SL where a lot of Texture sellers advertise there textures as HQ with 1024px and the unaware users does use these gigantic textures to textures nails, etc.


7. Content should be original

- means not taken from the world-wide-web with unclear licenses (like personal use / or against their ToS cause of the LL property ToS like in SL) which meaning gets also lost inworld.


8. Better formating and presentation options for listed items in the Store

..with high resolution pictures - but optimized. It can not be good if small pictures use 2.923,88 KB, ~3MB - the first picture I looked at had this size.. If "optimized" content starts like that.. The view size of this picture seems to be 498px × 498p (from the firefox picture info) and it seems to have 1000x1000px originally if I look at the properties of the picturs on my desktop. And not to forget, it needs 3 MB..! The next picture I checked uses  807,88 KB for a picture of the size of 1.313px × 622px originally but where only  498px × 236px are visible on the listing page of the store..

We should be able to format the description of our items for better readability. This is something which is a part of making Sansar successful. The User must be able to easily use, browse, buy stuff. A good product presentation is essential! It is a service for the customer.

Option to embed a youtube player for items that are animated or to use an animated Gif to show such items and animations -> but please not like in SL with a limit of 1MB. 1 MB is not much for an animated "Video-Gif", and seeing that normal product pictures do use more then 1 MB already.. With Video-Gifs such a size would at least make sense..



Please continue with 9. if you have further ideas or put the adequate number in front of  your additional argumentation. Thanks.




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