Sansar NON ADULT ? I may have an idea..

I am one of those recently invited and I red yesterday on the Atlas Listing Guidelines page at:


the following rule:

"Experiences containing adult content are strictly prohibited."

and on the Item Listing Guidelines page:
"Selling adult content in the Sansar store is strictly prohibited."

This means that Sansar is completely NON ADULT! In spite of several and repeated statements made over the last 2 years by LL's CEO Ebbe Altberg, in interviews and meetings, according to which there will be no limitations on this topic in Sansar, others than those of SL (basically no "child porn", which is of course understandable).

Now, as you can imagine, as someone who makes a living in SL since 10 years selling exactly adult related items, I was completely shocked! I asked for confirmation on the HELP page and this rule was confirmed!

So... no sex in Sansar? When more than half of SL's economy is generated by the adult industry? Are you sure this choice is right?

Now... even if I didn't expect this (coz I unfortunately tend to believe public statements made by CEOs), I am however very well aware of a few more or less "alternative" facts :) which may have led to this decision, like for instance :

- Sansar is, in its concept, basically directed to a different kind of users than SL (which is in fact also a pity but .. that's the way it was conceived)

- The expected users of Sansar are supposed to be, apart from a few Maya Gurus, mainly what I usually call "kids".. young people who jump for all that's "new", game nerds and alike

- This whole VR craze MAY really become as big as expected, even if I personally think it will be just a trend like many other trends, which will last a few years till another trend comes. Coz that's how it works for "kids". And that's how "kids" work. But OK, it's maybe worth a try..

- For reasons which I fail to understand, the present young generation is somehow very "shy" in matters of sex. I can't understand this coz when i was so young.. but ok forget it.. those were the hippie times :) Today it is just the way it is. This also explains why SL got a quite bad image among many of today's "kids" due to it's adult related experiences. And this may also explain to some degree LL's decission on this topic for Sansar.

These (and other aspects) being said or thought, and since I have no hope that LL will change their decission on this matter in Sansar, I would allow myself to make a "compromising" suggestion:

Let Sansar be non adult OK but ... make ONE MORE like it, based on the same technology, same engine and such, call it Zindra if you wish :) and make that one ADULT ONLY! And do not connect these 2 products in any way in order to not scare the "kids" again. One is one and the other is the other. Simple and i would say.. efficient.

This is a logical and broadly used solution when a compromise can not be reached due to extremely different opinions. If you can't compromise then SEPARATE!

Thats what they did on the beaches in Germany for instance after the reunification. The east germans were not religious at all and their beaches were mainly nudist beaches, the west people were more catholic and couldn't see naked people around them. And there was no way to compromise. So what to do? Simple: put (yet another) wall between the beaches :) And that may sound a little .. "Trumpy" but.. IT WORKS :)

So please LL, do think about it. After all you invested a lot in Sansar and with only a maximum of a few 100K's of "game nerds" in, plus maybe a few corporations and organizations, it it's hard to imagine that you will get that money back or even .. make a profit. Coz the people of my generation, those older than 40, when they will hear that Sansar is NON ADULT, they won't even look at it! You will lose a lot of SL users that love SL mainly because of its "adult" part. Just think about it please.. "kids" are not all that matters and .. sex sells :)

Mony Lindman

PS: I am also aware that most of the present users in Sansar are most probably aged so that I could call them "kids". My comments above are by no means directed against you, and not meant to offend you in any way! They are only meant to remind LL that.. well.. adults are also around and they can also spend some money on themselves not only on their kids, as the advertising industry assumes since the 80' :)


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