A few thoughts...

Looking forward to seeing/suggestions/rambling thoughts - Adding to this post as I think of new things, so as not to create 10 million new posts a day.

As per both online standard games and 3d modelling programs -

Left hold for camera and directional control (+/- hold middle mouse for camera control)

Left click to interact. 

Jumping - spacebar

Right click to select/examine.

Double tap W and hold for running, or hold shift. 

A and D keys rotate the avatar.

Having to load into edit mode and out, is taking me time, it kinda irritates me, and once out of this edit mode, I can't make even the tiniest adjustment to an object. Not a fan of this. I'd like to just be able to get on and move things without wating for edit mode to load. 

Improved camera controls while editing, I feel like none of them are intuitive or useful as they are. This click and drag to zoom is just bizzare. Please no! Especially when in standard mode, it is scroll to zoom.. Why have differing methods here?

Though it's great to have a proper material editor, recognising faces, during upload, it would be even better to STILL have it for the items after upload. Having to reupload for a reskin seems silly. A few other basic options that we are used to would be handy here. I'm not really sure why roughness and metalness are a thing in this material editor. What does that even mean? It doesn't correspond with a modelling program, so I think they could be done away with and replaced with more useful slots such as specular and alpha etc. These layer options in the drop down box, opaquesingle layer, opaquemasklayer, emissivesinglelayer this multi layer, this layer that layer, all meaningless, and therefore - useless, and again none of them corresponding to anything in a 3D modelling software. Please get rid of it and replace it with something logical. A good example would be the material editor in 3DS Max -

If, like me, you're a user coming from this software, the multiple, random options in the drop down layer box in sansar means absolutely nothing at all. Literaly in fact, as I looked up opaquesinglelayer to see if it was a term from another modelling software, and all I can find is some plastic with sun protection layers. Which makes me ponder why on earth you've invented new terms for whatever it was you were trying to achieve here? In this case, I'm now going to have to fiddle until I can find something that resembles me being able to upload a transparent/opacity map, for however long that takes, and with no idea as to whether Sansar even supports this yet. Not ideal. 

I mention the above, because it is always something that bugs me, that there is a standard set of controls and naming terms for more or less everything, but the odd program kinda sits in the corner and says, no! My way! It reminds me of the horrible moment I had a look at blender and its random controls, and then went to have a lie down to recover. All joking aside, it makes it a lot more enjoyable to wander/look around, and work in sansar, if you aren't faffing with new controls or looking up what this made up term means for every single, simple thing, for no good reason at all.

The UI is too big in my opinion in editing mode. It would be nice at least to have a few options to change this. Especially the inventory, it is huge with thumbnail previews (which don't show any previews, just white cubes), taking up tons of space. 

A whinge and whine and a bit of hope -

The eradication of prim building, and the misinformation vs mesh, such as it is in Second Life. I hope that with the new market place offering even the most basic of shapes in mesh form for free or reasonable prices, prim building will be a thing of the past. I was delighted NOT to find it here. I'm SO looking forward to seeing mesh progress in Sansar, with many awesome creations from talented people in this career path. 

The Marketplace

Search functions and proper categories in the store, and the proper usage of it. The thing that really gets on my nerves in the Second Life market place, is the miss use of this. The best example I can give, is land sales/rentals. All listed at 0 Linden. Absolutely impossible, unless you have the single minded determination to sit there scrolling through page after page after page for hours, to find anything based on price, which I must confess I don't. I took one look at it and closed the page, and I can't be alone on that one.

The other problem is, where it has categories that split, such as -

decor -
decor - lamps
decor - chairs

people will also put the lamps into decor, instead of the decor - lamps category. Now you've got things all over the place, making the categories pointless. No a criticism of the people, but more of the over abundance of categories that noone needs. 

Merchants tools such as easier tracking of sales. By month, how much was sold that month, how many sales, just basic info that really helps you keep track of progress as you go along, that wold be super. 

Pricing - In secone life, one person is selling a door for 10 linden, another person is selling a door for 5000 linden, and you see this across every single item, with thousands of variation in price. I think as well as a - high to low pricing filter, and categories being done properly this time around, it would be dead handy to have an average price filyer so people have a better idea of how to price their objects in the first place, so we dont end up with that mess in Sansar.

Information on what is selling, how much of it is selling, at what price, how often, all of this is useful, not just for your own items, but as a customer as well.  

Some more idle thoughts

I'd also be interested to hear people's thoughts on 3D modelling (as well as scripting) and prices in Sansar and Second Life. Outside of Second Life, someone professionally employed as a 3D modeller around here earns, on average, 25-50,000 Euros a year, or if you're freelance, around 20 Euros an hour, with prices into the hunreds of Euros for complex models and characters. Yet in Second life as is, I've seen heavy criticism towards 3D artists charging more than a dollar for something that took at least the full day to create. I'm wondering if this is just how it is with virtual currency, or if there is just a poor understanding of the idea that 3D modelling is a genuine skill and profession, to the point where it is devalued like this. Have free programs and youtube tutorials had an effect on this? I can't help but feel, as a trained 3D artist, a little salty when someone tells a 3D artist that their work is worthless, when outside this virtual world, it is anything BUT in this day and age. Though I understand it does need to be affordable, and after all, this place is here for fun, for everyone to enjoy, I know that, you know that, but on the other hand, you've opened up these worlds as a place for people to bring their art and work, and make a living from it, and the scale is nowhere near balanced in the middle, not by a long way. What are your thoughts on this? Should the economy for creators in Sansar be altered to reflect this? Programmers and scriptors too? Thoughts?

Related to this, I've come across the odd store in Second Life, where the creator has either ripped models from games in outright theft, or simply downloaded them from free model websites, completely ignored the agreement that they are not to resell the model, it is for personal use only, and whacked it on the marketplace. In some cases, more then one person, same.. model... I'm wondering if there is going to be any sort of gate check on this? Is it possible? I'd even go so far as to wave a real, whacking great, neon lit, sparkly, flashing, red flag on this one, as I've seen other virtual worlds and their internal communities be entirely destroyed by theft, which turned inwards, with no support/acknowledgement from the developers, as inevitably, not only did people rip models and textures from outward sources, but also from within, from each other. I'd be heartbroken to see that happening here.

Snap to points on the rotation gizmo, so so handy.

Again, I'm really excited about Sansar, I think this is a fantasic opportunity, I'm so glad that it is coming into being and grateful to be involved. Thank you!

A preview option when uploading, with proper rotation and zoom, including a preview of the physics model to double check it is all correct.
I set my gizmos either to origin, or the centre of my object before uploading, yet when the object is placed in sansar, the gizmo is always randomly underneath, over to the side, up in the air, in another country.... :p Could you please set it to keep the placement of the creators gizmo, or at the very least, centre it as default.

A concern

As for people just not reading the license agreements on these free model websites, at this point you're not just lazy, you're a thief of intellectual property, this can, and will, lead to legal action. Please be more careful in future. Seeing this happen ont he marketplace already, if you're into models and virtual worlds, you'll see some models that just become familiar to you, from free websites. They get around. An example of the effect - I sat in a sandbox in Second Life listening to a guy boast as he uploaded complex model after model, with hideous polycounts, all of them from the same page on a common freebie website (personal license only). (We're talking showpieces for rendering, complicated statues and so on, which he apparently learned how to, and created in one week of downloading 3D modelling software, which he was unable to name, MAGIC, please share your secrets senpai...!) Afterwards I spoke to him to see what his plans were, what his background was. He didn't even know the most basic things, which software, how to use it, what the files were, nothing, but those pieces were going onto the marketplace. This is a real problem. Yes, yes, people can make a few quid on it but the fact is it's ruining virtual worlds with lag, the spread of yet more rubbish information and the bad feeling that theft leaves hanging around. If a user who doesn't know better buys this object, they've bought stolen property, been lied to, and been ripped off to boot. The piece will be too heavy for proper use. Gah!

As a side note, as it amused me, I'm looking right now at a person who has even uploaded the example teapot that 3ds max gives you as a standard shape. Completely unmodified. 10/10 for effort buddy.


Sansar marketplace is already being flooded with both commons items, and items with licenses that DON'T cover the resale as is, with no idea as to whether they are suitable for Sansar, by people who most likely cannot 3D model, and so cannot provide any support or help with their items. This is also a problem for the customer, who will most likely get ripped off again as the seller will simply ignore any problems they cannt solve. -



On both of these points, from a customer's point of view, I think poly count should be on the marketplace, as well as ANY other information the customer wishes to see. If you've made/bought the object legitimately, you've nothing to worry about. As a creator myself I'd have no problem at all with 100% openness. I'd also encourage people to report known free models and duplicate versions of. As I realise Sansar cannot police this alone, that is simply asking the impossible, I'd say its important that honest creators help them out.

 I wonder if this open creator beta was a good idea from this respect. When I was invited, I simply got a drop down box, hey which program do you use, ok, we'll let you be a creator. It might be an idea to vet people a little on this... Sorry for the negative note here, but, if you want everyone who thinks selling illegal mesh is a great idea to rip people off and make money on Sansar, to jump into theif train and ruin Sansar before it even begins, continue, but I think that'd be a damn shame. 

Another thing that is often missed in Second Life, is clothing, customers are quick to point out if a chair is too high prim count for their land, but they are walking around in a dress that is 50000 odd polys, but of course as this doesn't count, they'll blame the chair for causing the lag around them xD

Continued creators competitions. Love this, please do more ^^


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