From a user's standpoint, Disappointing

Things missing that definitely need to be there:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • configuration options (the mouse acceleration alone is horribly high)
  • chat notifications (people were talking to me and I didn't even know)
  • Interactions for Non-VR users. This is a big one. I mean, you can't simply ignore people without VR headsets. That's going to be the majority of the community. I went to the "Basketball Court" and it was full of people asking how you pick up the ball. And I was right there with them wondering. Because it seems only people with VR hand thingys can do it.
  • Fullscreen... I mean the window border thing is sad given how clean an interface you put on it.

That's all from 30 minutes in. I'm sure i'll be back with more later.



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