Teleport function desktop. WHat do you think ?

I just tried it, and i don't like it in desktop mode. It can be usefull mabye but the camera have it's own live sometimes. And the jumping is a bit confusing.

It also requires to much mouse movements. something you just want to avoid. because it works fine with cursor keys. I prefer to use xbox one controller in desktop mode. Teleporting with the xbox one is uhmm. "Let me first get out of that mesh i got teleported in and cannot get out easy." :O  Ok, no not really good with xbox one to. Teleporting is not soi good on a terrain with hills outside VR.

Instead of the teleport option i like to see just faster walking on desktop and VR. teleporting around is not my favorite way of moving. It also breaks immersive feeling. And it's just not so good as walking.

Going to with with all love on a normal walk speed.

Have others already tried it ?


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