Tutorial Team?

I do realize we are very early on and many features still to come, and no doubt there will be some things that will be altered or changed before we go public, so that means a "How-To" could change and need updating, etc. However for even the less experienced, getting things done can be a real challenge.

I takes time to do a tutorial video, even a written one, I get it, and it is a lot to ask a person to do, this is why I'm thinking a group of folks work as a team to spread the load around and to make the process overall faster and more efficient.

I have spent HOURS and hours on You Tube watching tutorials on Blender and other programs, so I have like many here seen good ones and very bad ones. In all those videos, ONE person stood out in how they do their videos or rather how they explain and poiunt out stuff. Their name is VscorpianC. She does EXCELLENT tutorials and the one thing she does that virtually no person out there does that makes it so much eaiser to follow, is she says what keys she is pressing as she works, and she also says a bit of why or how.

But as important as anything, she does not assume anything about her viewers's knowledge, she explains even the basics to some degree. I hate those types where the person blazes through something, no keycast, nothing and short cuts and just acts as though the viewer is as skilled as they are, as if they are doing the video to show off not teach.

To be blunt, most video tutorials are crap, and finding what you actually need is a search skill set all its own.

One thing about tutorials, they will always be needed, because there will always be new people or people who want to learn new things.

I believe tutorials should be free, however I also believe there are ways to make the effort worthwhile to those who make the videos.

If interested, give me shout. I'm sure we can put something together seeing we now have a video material and that opens up all kinds of possibilities.




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