How to ensure quality/optimized assets? (Category General / Store)

I do wonder if there will be kinda like a guardian system to ensure quality/optimized content in Sansar as Sansar is build for VR and needs to run smoothly with 90 FPS, two times full hd.

When people will start to bring all their SL content to Sansar we will have a lot of crappy content. 3D Models with a way to high polygon count, textures with a way too high resolution (like 1024px on tiny nails), old and simple keyframed animations and so on.

I have the feeling optimizations should be listed on the store, like how many polygons a chair has and what maps (like normal maps) the item has and the size of the textures. - OR of not listed can not an automatic process test the render cost of an item and give as output something like per example a green to red bar, or a number for the render costs, something to orient.

Also for animations, as I reed someone wants to port his 5000 SL animations to Sansar. Without knowing, just saying as an example, I think most of this animations will be old and simple keyframe animations. I am afraid Sansar will get flooded with old content which is not up to date anymore and that that could ruin Sansar for the experience builders.

And that together with not having the ability to create store-labels, brands, that can be easily recognized on the Sansar Store by the users. All content looks neutral on the Sansar Store (which is probably intended). In SL people buy from a known store, a brand, because they know the quality that stands behind the name of the brand. Like in RL as well, if you buy brand clothing from top clothing labels per example.

I think the Store needs brands and something like an optimization scale and also the ability to tell the customers what is special, what is the unique seeling point, and so on. We should also be able to format the text of our listings to make the infos pleasent for the readers/customers eye. Just a block of text is bad. And product-pictures in higher resolution would be great as well. Maybe even the possability to show animated objects with a gif or a you tube player embedded.

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