Material editor

I uploaded a terrain mesh with 3 Blender materials.  

When I spawned it in the Sansar editor, it had no textures applied. Now this is normal for me, because I've used Unreal Engine 4 extensively and I'm used to having to apply materials/textures after import into UE4. 

But there doesn't appear to be any way to do that here in Sansar. It's pretty important that we be able to edit materials in Sansar itself. Especially since there's no way to perfectly, accurately preview within Blender how the material will look in Sansar, because Blender Render (not Cycles) does not support PBR. 

I would prefer a UE4-like pipeline where I simply import the model into Sansar without textures, and then create the materials and import textures separately afterwards right within Sansar itself.


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