Please...Running and Jumping and a better control system...

So i have just started playing Sansar about an hour ago and honestly, so far. I prefer Second Life. My reasons for this are as follow :


Graphically, Sansar looks amazing and has Second Life beat but in other ways. It is vastly lacking.

For example, the control / movement system is horrible, its like playing a PS1 game from the late 90s or a cheap MMO from the early 2000s. Controlling your avatar around and general movement reminds me a great deal of a games such as Medieval and Deathtrap Dungeon only with less smooth camera motions. Please update this. Second Life may be dated but it has way better movement controls that Sansar has right now.

Secondly, why cant we run?. I see no reason on earth why running was not included as a option. It is a staple of any gaming or 3D world

Thirdly, Jumping.....same question as above

Finally, walk speed. Its so so so slow, seriously. Its not too bad if the experience is only small but for something larger it takes ages to walk around it. I visited a race course earlier and to talk from one side to the other took me over five minutes because my avatar was walking so so slowly.

Please for the love of god update these things. Sansar looks amazing it really does but in terms of control and movement, so far, its ruining the experience.



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