Please Get Rid of Sandex and or Any Form of Play Money

Please get rid of Sandex

We want to have  the ability to get consumers to come on Sansar and immediately spend money.

There is no way We are  would promote anything We create on Sansar on the web , if then we have to ask for Sandex.


Just Imagine

A guy promotes his experiences on the web .

COME TO MY EXPERIENCE click  this link, only 5000 sandex a month!!


This is pathetic.

If We offer a product in the web, we give a demo and a click to buy link in real world currency.

Please add a real world currency button to pay to buy an experience or to buy marketplace items...no fuss no registration.

Drop it right up there in  the top right corner, nice and big in gold yellow with US euro or whatever currency the publisher is willing to accept.

We dont need to have people come on Sansar and take a month before choosing to commit to spend money here or free loading as it happens in Second Life.


Thank You




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