Inventory is not a content creators tool 2nd request attempt and more....


I have already  posted a request for a decent asset browser in the style of eg vray light lister and maya houdini project settings where default folders are created upon starting a new project.

Please I would be grateful if You did remove inventory from edit mode and drop it in avatar customization mode with  a section dedicated for those who by stuff on maketplace and wanna drop it on their servers, inventory is and should be a consumer thing not a content creators UI

Also regardless of what system  is used, if u have any asset and u click on it from a folder You should instantaneously have its attribute editor open, with all the strings of the features needed for that particular asset from sounds, materials, scripts, cam settings, animations, particles, links  etcetc.

I truly dont understand why Sansar should be a SL downgrade for even for the most amateur content creator instead of having an up to date contemporary interface used in any modeling, simulation, texturing, rendering, photography game engine suite.

Please I truly mean no offense at all to any of the linden lab developers, I am very well aware of the so many challenges You all face day to day debugging and developing it is really really hard work...but at the same time I think the inventory issue is so bad that it would make it worth taking down Sansar servers till a decent upgrade for content creators isn't delivered with it.

I am very open to draft You some UI examples so that at least You can take ideas of what me and really so any others including Linden lab slack content creation experienced guys you got there would find more suitable for setting up experiences, on a platform who wishes to compete and not fail.


2nd request

Please get rid of the Sandex, if You wish to get comissions on every transaction that is very fine, it is right and nothing to say about that, if the price is good some will want to create here if it is not others wont, but honestly there is no reason for Sandex to exists on Sansar at all, unless You create a currency without spread which has its cons as well.

Plus to be honest it is better to have clients create an Itunes like /similar credit card account matched to their avatar than having them to have to go buy sandex...You would increase sales in SL 7/800 times more if u did that there as an example.

What do You expect us to do, invest in pithcing  internet campaigns and websites and then have the guy come over and have to figure how much a sandex is? that is crazy...if I or any other content creator promotes his product externally we wil want to say our pricing in dollars euro or whatever people use normally, not play money....its a no brainer a complete turn off and no go.

This method would also warrant You a first step for age rating, and invite anyone  coming on sansar to be ready to spend, something that definitely lower SL cash flow from new converted clients who will either not commit to buy lindens or take longer to commit...with a Itunes account similar method, You will definitely, convert more consumers to come on this platform as well as Second Life

3rd request

Looking at Steam data the bulk of gamers are on 1080p display, as we getting cheaper Graphics released with better perfomance, still most users are display users, and this is a reason for which VR is better designed for archviz automotive and other situations  than gaming.

That being said...the Sansar cam design  is inappropiate, while i can understand that it is inspired by space nav, it is a totally no go both for navigating as a client and especially for content creation. The controls are very bad, no gamer will want to keep two hands busy with a cam...when the standard is mouse keyboard eg for shooters games and many more.

The cam shakes  when u turn left and right.

The is no free mode while u walk, the frame on an object is poor..there are a lot of things that need to be addressed  for it.

You cant set angles, near and far clip plane and many more features that will be needed when u will start to want to code for first person gaming or various situations .

A consumer cam should at least have a draw distance, keyboard mapping for it to toggle between free cam while walking, top view, rear view and any view that u can think of that one might want to use .

4th request...default avatars should have stances ESPECIALLY FOR VR MODE.

You will want to be able to use ur controller or keyboard to move ur view avie while standing tilting right left stand on toes left right, semi crouched left right, crouched left right, prone left right etc etc...take Arma 3 as reference for stances and You will understand better why u need them for good VR experience, even if Arma 3 is not a VR dedicated game.

5th request

The first thing any client should see once logged in, is the preferences AND NOT THE ATLAS.

in preferences the client should be able to map completely their keyboard, then mouse, then graphics, then more graphics and then commands.

Graphic settings sound settings and commands should be totally customizable for any client before he does anything...and to be honest this is any how something that needs to be done this way for any game developer or prosumer game dev to even remotely consider making anything for Sansar anyhow...if u cant map and customize all these things, it will warrant no gaming on Sansar that is any different from sl and possibly even worse.

6th request

Please state your pricing on server and sales commissions, so for content creators to assess if worth considering Sansar for any project, or just rely on external company or private owned 3d asset outlets game ready for sansar.

Some of us which have thousands of game ready assets, who keep precise market data on sales will know  what math to do to decide what is more suitable or convenient.

7th request

Plugin for team speak and a play with six like in viewer suite, so that when  clients visit our experience, we can have him download completely their load out, MODS, keyboard mapping, cam settings, and anything we we will want for our clients to have when paying to play on an experience

9th request

Object rigging with its animations, needless to say if not supported warrants Sansar failure 100%...if it is not feasible , I would seriously reconsider  further Sansar development, and abort the project immediately.


10th request

When setting up a project the ability to assign partners and share the assets in that scene by all project participants...I have already made a request for this, needless to say that also if this isnt feasable it will warrant no one wanting to create advanced experiences/scenes, because of the impossibility to work in teams with each participant having their share warranted from day 1. Working in teams and not being able to share the all assets in a project, each properly set up, properly as every team member desires it to be in the scene asset browser, makes it so that what can be done in a few hours can take a week, needles to say that a complete instanced set up will use thousands of assets, millions of polys, hundreds of plants, hundreds of lights, hundreds of sounds, hundreds of animations in some cases and tens of thousands lines of code...this is another no brainer

11th request

Please congratulate on my behalf all of those people who have made experience samples on linden lab behalf  for aiming at keeping standards high and to entice people to focus on making experiences rather than selling props on market place...the few that you have provided are an excellent example of what can be done here and I hope that in the near future they will be the worse ones on the atlas simply because there will be content creators that will dedicate some time to make outstanding breathtaking games for Sansar clients

there would be more requests like  subsurface scattering, translucence, IES lights and we have no idea  how sophisticated the particle system will be at all, which matters a lot and possibly even more than sound *(btw Torley is doing a fantastic job, Sansar will have no doubt one of the best if NOT the best sound system on the internet) and GI but I think the ones listed above are urgent in the immediate, as if not immediately addressed will only create chaos further in time, and at the same time some of them if not done at all warrants Project Sansars  flop, which is something no one here wants .


wish best of luck to Linden lab and all its Devs on this Sansar project


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