Scripting: workflow and reference assemblies for IDE support

The current workflow for scripting is quite cumbersome. It involves typing scripts in a text editor with only syntax highlighting at best - no intellisense/autocomplete. Then you upload the script, then you see if there are any compiler errors, then you have to upload your scene, then you have to visit it to test.

What I would like the workflow to be:

1) Edit/create script code in an IDE with full intellisense/autocomplete. This maybe implies reference assemblies for the Sansar APIs at a minimum, and ideally Sansar could generate the csproj/sln/vscode(?) files for you.

2) Link the scripts in a map with a local directory somehow, so that I don't have to re-upload them. Instead, I could just hit refresh, or maybe even Sansar could detect changes and ask me to recompile.

3) Could I reload the scripts in the scene editor without uploading the whole scene and visiting it? Maybe I'm missing something in the UI but when I tried it wouldn't update any running scripts until I uploaded the entire scene to the server and visited it. I'd like to be able to stop running scripts and refresh the scene.



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