API FOR Houdini ,UE, Unity, Maya, 3Ds, C4d, Blender, with NON RUN TIME EDIT MODE, AND FULL PERM PHYSICS.

While i hope that You revisit the bulkiness of the gizmo, It would be useful if We were provided to have non run time edit mode environment.


I buy rocks on MP.

I use Houdini to create My procedural building tools, and solid surface simulation solving.

I set Up my scene in Maya.

I then go to My project on Sansar  and click connect to Maya.

Maya shows Im connected.

I open My scene in maya.

Load My Maya assets and build, while sending back and forth from houdini.

I then click send to Sansar, because the whole scene is NOT being uploaded I get all My scene loaded and refreshes real time if I was to make adjustments in Maya.

Now I decide to drop rocks i liked in a corner in My scene , and update  to maya, where I will be able to get the physical shaped loaded in My scene.

I can now solve My simulations simulations In houdini/maya.

I now refresh and send back to Sansar, including the framed animations  of MY simulations....eg a houses that breaks to pieces and collapses, because that is an effect I wish to create, triggered by scripting, in a specific event in game.

In all for this time I have NOT yet uploaded into LL server a single asset.

When I think My  V1 scene is good to go , I then click upload, call My friends and go take a happy hour break knowing that when ill be back, i wil be able to see My whole scene ready and running in run time environment, all assets properly named, grouped, instanced, named and ready to code, or with code already loaded in those cases where u work using external engines that  can support C# folders eg Unity..

It must be noted also that by allowing full permissions for physics, even simple builders, can for example , buy a very nice victorian creepy house on marketplace, and then  being capable to export the physics to eg maya or blender, they can then precisely, create eg ghost characters, who can be animated and triggered via scripts.

this can eb extremely useful , in the case Linden Lab as I think it will introduces voxel terrain, becuase it can be handy  to create terrain  in world, and then export  the physics of it, that can be solved with a in build sansar automated app when clicking  eg send to maya.

While at this moment Sansar building capabilites are far from what even SL practicality offers, even in the event that once more features  eg voxel terrain, IES light support, maya 3ds etc kind of controls , and simple viewport views, top side orthographic perspective..... inworld building will be  based primarily as it appears to be, to be VR oriented, with very bad precision and extremely impossible to be productive from a time point of view, ,,,,,which is fine for consumers, but definitely a no go for content creators, unless you want a Sansar  that  is basically a VR SL, where content creators are there just to make single items to sell.

This would  be  a bad mistake as the content   for Sansar wouldn't be much the asset that are sold, but  the experience that is published.

Sansar product is the experience (advanced professional  content creators, or regular mainstream gamers that can build or assemble something), not marketplace assets, those are just tools as a basic in build script editor could be.

That being said, I would be very grateful if You could provide us with an FBX  file that we can all import in our suites so to have  a precise unquestionable complete bounding box of the maximum size of  a Sansar experience precise  to the thousands of the millimeter as it ought to be.

This can a be useful too, so for us possibly being able to  code a client walking towards the end, to have his view port fade out, and have him re positioned with a fade in making him walk  back in towards the center of the experience.

I am sure that everyone here will agree , that if You fly an  Airplane in Sansar the worst thing You would want is that when you reach the extreme of the experience, Your airplane will get stuck there as it happens in SL sim boundaries


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