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please  go to this link to understand a little more about IES lights
I will try to make a brief explanation why this is  very important.
Lately especially for gaming, PBR has been the thing, because a ton of people who are extremely weak at making textures have been getting, thank god,  suites made by allegorithmic and quixel to be the cavalry arriving for them
this does NOT mean that Your substance or texture  is physically accurate,
please take no offense but a lot of substances offered around are basically pure trash while some are excellent, and others by luck perfect, this doesnt mean they will look great to you, some substances might look amazing but they are NOT accurately representing real world materials, which is what PBR is all about.
PBR stands for Physically based rendering, which is the concept of using REALISTIC shading lighting models to represent real world materials as a concept rather than a strict set of rules.
IES is extremely important wether u master concept PBR or You master the  art of TRUE PHOTOREALISTIC shaders , texturing, maps, rendering, compositing, baking etcetc.
In few words even if You are NOT like Me a photorealistic freak coming from archviz background OR movie graded CGI studios IES matters a lot to You too, because You will be using it   a lot of times and  also be way faster in setting up Your scenes, and your materials will look more realistic because IES is designed to transfer photometric data taken from real world lights.
TO such an extent  that if Linden lab will code for it to be supported which IS possible even in deferred rendering which is what will be used here, You can also  not only decide the light photometric data , but you can also go look up every freaking light bulb manufacturers lamp specifications, and input precisely its kelvin and wattage output.
this even in Sansar cam make a massive quality difference between an experience that uses IES and another that Uses In build lights, over all in build lights, for the most I can emulate precisely the same in SL right now.
This to many of You might seem an  excess , but IMAGINE
Imagine Sansar 10 years from now, servers running with 10 times more compute power, switching from deferred to real time Raytracing or maybe some new tech.
What u build now will look perfect even 20 years from now, making Your  products have a very long life cycle...not like sl that is loaded on MP with old junk.
No matter if Sansar will be on current tech or will have a good graphics coding base to upgrade  it graphics possibilities and power, IES even if it was for SL would be perfect.
SL  looks bad to many ,and I that  am a  Photorealistic freak find it still a super powerful engine platform , and I can CERTIFY that  SL looks bad because NO one uses  simple spartan texture lights in it which is a very spartan form of IES, SL even supports volumetric lights which is what we have here on this version of Sansar where GI is yet not ready yet.
check out this short video to see  it working with volumetric light viewer set up in SL and materials on the floor
You go in most prefabs You dont even have any light set up with texture lights which would make SL so different.
now we have the opportunity to push for IES and lights managers, which will make ur work so much more stunning and way way faster  if supported by robust managers
There is tons of people who use IES all the time, and u can make amazing archviz integrate in any experience u want in any historical  context and MAKE IT LOOK real even if You are a sucker at making textures but have the great help of substance painter, with ready made stuff for you
THIS IS MY REQUEST @EBBE ALTBERG and @project managers:
 I would  please request VRay Mental Ray ,Maya 3DS etcetc lights converters AND Vray Like Light LISTER  as some people Like Me plan to make experiences with the light count starting at 3000 lights for low populated instances (30 paying consumers)

Some other experiences will easily go north of 15k lights for dense populated hard surfaced modeled assets



manage IES, size ,intensity, temperature, colour, instancing and instances, visibility,quality, decay type, activating scripts, etcetc individually or in groups


So via FBX or plugins for maya, have also the capability to import whole scene directly and fully assembled, with all inherent objects, LIGHTS, AI, flora, fauna,rigs and animations precisely where they are supposed to be in the scene.


PLEASE NOTE that this request needs to rely


to my other request posted in INVENTORY IS NOT A  CONTENT CREATOR TOOL as anyhow inventory  should be basically used as a desktop for content creators


which needs to RELY on My other post about Enhanced permissions  in LILITH request

Which people who work in teams or need to outsource content to others rely on

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