{FOR Linden Lab sound, GI, Particles, build tools DEV's...] Biased fluid Dynamics & Sound using splines paths deformators, and preset or attribute editor

 All right Im posting this one even if Im not an engineer (thanks Torley, if I get booed  ill blame it on You)


Hi Torley, I hope You going to have a great week, I am passing You this request .......I pass this request to You and Your colleagues, because, I strongly believe that particles and sounds can have great correlation and have lots points in common for which can be developed in parallel with Your software engineers at LL, My request is for BIASED fluid Dynamics , to be integrated in particles systems, as physical particles, so the content developer, can both use physical and non physical particles, which would be useful for proper volume volumetric environmental effects like clouds, fog, rain, and other special effects , like waves breaking on a shore, or fire with smoke, and that can also be coded with paths especially....

Presets to emulate waves, fire and smoke rolling motion.

Attribute editor, for influence forces like, wind, collisions, gravity etcetc

Splines to make paths  with spline deformations capabilities, on which the spherical emitters can be  physically biased via fluid dynamics presets, even when colliding with other physical objects in the scene

I am attaching an image of Chaos group Phoenix for maya features for you to get an idea......as the particles would be biased, in deferred rendering, then there wouldn't need to be the necessity for LL servers to compute a simulation... Sansar already can shoot balls , so Im pretty sure that this is a feature that if worked out with sounds and graphics engineers, can be worked on efficiently together immediately, and it can be made scalable so to allow to increase number of iterations as time passes and consumer and service provider, compute power increases in time.

please consider the possibility of creating physical splines in sansar , as they can be a very good tool for both making paths attached to vehicles, AI,  landscape, particles, sounds  to relay  for special effects even if in a biased way, that inside predefined space limit if desired too

eg im in a tunnel, and i want a sound to have a odd bounce biased effect, that follows me for miles and miles, or triggers in a particular event

eg I want my space ship that every time that  starts cruising to have a black smoke cloud around it, and when i stop, to make an effect as if its coming out of it like when u poke your finger inside cigarette smoke

eg, I want to make biased  surfing waves on a shoreline, or  a tempest wave hitting a pirate ship, in this case te spline path  and if there is one deformator can also carry sound


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