If Sansar is the future of user generated virtual worlds and not just experiences, we need an enhanced permission system for avatars, their inventories and virtual goods.

There is a virtual world called Second Life which has object permissions …. perhaps some of you may have heard of it and it has a permissions system :-)

Items/Goods can be ..
Copy/Modify/Transfer (full permissions)

This permissions system is absolute genius and it makes the avatar economy function. Wherever you have avatars purchasing virtual goods, there must be a permission system. This 'AVATARS WITH PERSISTENT INVENTORIES' is a unique situation, there is nothing like it. Whenever avatars buy stuff, keep it in their inventory and travel from world to world, experience to experience we need a permissions system.

I'm not going to press the importance of the existing permissions system we know from Second Life. It's so self evident why we need these permission for Sansar, when you have avatars and inventory, I will just give this example, without transfer permissions for instance you can not give someone a flower.

I would respectfully and strongly press the idea that the existing SL permissions are genius and we must use them as the foundation of the enhanced permissions system in Sansar

The idea that we can sell experiences is utterly marvellous, I love this idea. I was always frustrated in SL that I couldn't easily sell fully landscaped sims. But how will selling experiences work, permissions-wise ?

For instance, imagine this …
Let's say we have an avatar named Customizer Dude (Type2 user outlined in meeting notes Feb 10th 2017).

Customizer Dude buys a houses and structures from Charlett and Loz and other architecture creators.
Customizer Dude then buys cars, yachts and boats from car, yacht and boat creators.
Customizer Dude now buys plants and trees from me Lilith Heart, Kriss, Cube and Maxwell
Customizer Dude then buys furniture from Froukje, Winter and other furniture creators
Customizer Dude also buys scripts, weather effects, particles etc
Customizer Dude also buys animals, birds and butterflies from creature creators

NOW fully armed with everything he needs from original creators, Customizer Dude does his magic and creates awesome Sansar experience which he puts for sale as a virtual living experience at the Sansar store – complete with homes, furniture, vehicles, boats, creatures plants everything included, in his Virtual living Experience Product.

Basically this Customizer Creator Dude is standing in front of all the original creators and reselling the content of dozens of creators potentially thousands of times …. or if Sansar in the future hits the sweet spot, perhaps millions of times. This would deprive original creators of due revenue. 

The Solution To Selling Collated Experiences
I would again respectfully propose, knowing how difficult this is, that we need Derivative Permissions in Sansar, something like IMVU's derivative perms. Without derivative perms Sansar's original creators will get the short end of the stick, to put it mildly.

With derivative perms, every time Customizer Creator Dude sells an experience he has collated, every creator would get a small token fee, a piece of the action.... basically a sub-licensing royalty fee. Creators could set how much of a derivative royalty they want for each of their products sold as part of an experience.

If a subtle and enhanced permission system is part of the roadmap, please Linden Lab, share this information with us as soon as possible, because right now it seems like there is nothing in place to protect original creators content from Collators and Customizers, reselling our content (as part of an experience), in competition with us, in the same Sansar store that we are selling the original content.

If I haven't made myself clear, I'd be happy to clarify why I think enhanced permissions are not only very important but an absolute MUST for any long term viable virtual world that has an avatar economy, wants to persist long term and that wants to keep talented creators on board.

If this enhanced permissions system conversation has already taken place, please point me to it as I would like to be part of the dialogue. 

Forgot to introduce self …
I'm Lilith Heart. I am primarily an environmental 3D artist focussed on plants flowers and trees. I am passionate, cranky and obsessed with virtual worlds. Please excuse me if I am candid and forthright to a fault.

So.... Feature request is – Subtle enhance permissions system please.


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