Support for Vray for Maya lights and FBX import


I would like support for Vray lights in Sansar with FBX support if its NOT a too  diametrically opposed end to soon coming GI and overall Sansar  RT  engine.

Or at least some  kind of converter plugin


Possible  @ Chaos  Group might help  on that

Im not into  coding or worse a graphics software engineer, but setting up lighting systems in Maya with different renderers would be a blessing.

So to set up and test a whole huge scene and then import all at once.

I ask for Vray as I find it  the most robust when it comes to  lights, compared to IRay (IFM)  or Maya lights even on 2017 versions


cheers & thx


(this is an interior render of what would be a physically moving vehicle carrying passengers. it is a small vehicle and  carries about 30/40 lights, the model is imported in SL with native prims with light textures applied to emulate light settings, if i want to make a 4km experience with valleys. waterfronts, tunnels roads, yacht s and 30 villas and links to instances and to other variations of the same experience, setting up lighting in sansar will be definitely  extremely time consuming opposed to what can be instead prepared in few hours in maya



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