QUALIFICATIONS to be allowed to upload on MP

I would think, in order to avoid notorious plagiarism and junk content that overflows in MP  in SL , that ANY individual OR company, OR client, OR consumer that wishes to have access  into uploading content to sell on Sansars market, MUST first qualify VIA a test, based questionnaire related to they type of content they wish to provide, EG  animations, scripts, 3d models, materials, particle effects etcetc,  and THE SOFTWARE that they use, EG, if a someone says he uses maya, to make 3d models, and eg photoshop , vray or, a quixel suite for plugging in their shader nodes.

This questionnaire should at least be hard enough for  the basic to medium level  of creators, and should  be explicit enough so for the individual to have to  spend at least 50 minutes answering it. it can be a multiple choice possibly.

 An example for someone claiming to master Maya

questionnaire may ask what hitting space bar does in maya,how u can select a shell in uv editor, I modeled in smooth mesh preview how do  i make my smooth preview a mesh?

and stuff like that to see if the user has knowledge of the software, he/she claims to use


while this can be somewhat of a once in a time consuming process, it can:


A: limit individual common practice steal other creators content and sell it as theirs

B: possibly make much harder for any individual to hook on to other 3d outlets and then sell such content they have purchased from there as if theirs, with a thorough test, those who  infringe copyrights will definitely have a tough time to pretend he is a content creator if he is not...eg an amateur just started blender and then  gets stuff from turbosquid and sells it as his own here.

C: avoid ignorant creators to upload content that is harmful to  user experience performance, as it happened  on sl with the first mesh avatars and clothing that caused sever lag and server burdain, because of disgraceful topology.

D:vet those programmers that have the knowledge and ability to hack platforms, and for linden lab  to have a data base of scriptors that ARE authorized to pass scripts to other clients.(hacking will inevitably be a big sansar issue as it is in any other PC game not allowing anyone to pas scripts around unless  their real identity is registered is at least better  than nothing)

E: make market search engine more efficient.


D: make marketplace  more qualitative and AVOID sansar to look like SL, very few on SL are capable of making content  for sl that  will appear as  in sansar in  this moment that is not yet running GI (especially using SL textured lights in environments)


E: a certified qualitative  market .


all of the above does NOT mean that a consumer with a Sansar account may not import, learn, make his wonders or disasters in hi sown space, but at least   it will NOT be content that will go around the grid.


It must also be noted that  many who do know what they are doing might  invest time and money into offering education or gaming on sansar, we certainly do NOT wish , that a client enters  in any decent experience and because they are wearing a full perms sweater bought on marketplace which has a horrible topology to cause issues to other clients and affect adversely the reputation, of that particular experience that they are visiting in that moment.


As a matter of fact, I wouldnt even allow someone to do any marketplace listing if the item they are selling has not them as a creator

There is already too much of that ongoing in second life affecting adversely  client performance, and  then what happens is that  people blame it on linden lab servers being bad.....


I dont think that people that will put their time here want that an experience they have created  gets a bad reputation because a good portion of its visitors is wearing junk including junk scripts.


this request will certainly have a financial burdain on LL but on the good side Sansar will gain a very enviable reputation and prestige which will  by  synergy attract more content creator and more consumers


So a nice and tough questionnaire on maya, 3dsmax, blender, cinema4d, modo, 3d coat etcetc can be at least one good way to give incentive to creators and  give incentive to those consumers who are not capable yet, to learn and make it to marketplace one day, keeping the leeches out of here


Linden Lab has Pixar, Khan academy, and so many more in  silicon valley and LA area,  just across the road so to speak, I am sure that it might be interesting for them to make certified content CG Artists via Sansar, so that people can also attain a valid certificate, why not, without needing to travel  in hollywood for  some seminary if they learning.

There is so much that is not so hard to do to add prestige to Sansar while at the same increasing its profitability , with pondered reasonable budgeting and opportunity costs.

This also adds self sustainabilty and scalability  which then converts into massive savings for conversion and retention costs, thus allowing better flexibility to follow market trends  because of the dynamics, and maximize employee productivity, while at the same time decreasing frustrating workload put into dead end strategies, and small marketing adjustments that not always work out with a positive response from the consumer.


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