Store - try before you buy (customer) & get rid of rating system (merchant)

Recently on slack(#store channel) some creators talked about their frustrating experiences of receiving unfair 1 star reviews.

Then I suddenly realized Try Before You Buy might be the best solution to improve both the customer's and creator's user experiences.

Since the customers can try before they buy, they can totally evaluate the product on their own, in which case that other people's reviews don't matter anymore.

As a customer, if you think a product is not good, you don't even bother to buy it. And since you're able to try any product before you buy, you should be responsible for your own judgement and buying behavior. In any case there is no need to have a rating system anymore.

What's even better is that if the rating system can be replace by LIKE (giving thumbs up). Thus customers still have a numerical indicator of product recommendation/popularity. And meanwhile, creators won't be afraid to receive unfair 1 star ratings anymore and also can be encouraged by receiving likes.



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