Collaboration How do we work in teams?

I am curious how we  work in teams in the editor? For a basic simply example like a google doc. I can save it and i can share it  to ppl who can view it and ppl who can edit it. Will we be able to  work in teams and invite others into the scene editor of a given  experience? Many of us work in teams or  groups where we move something 3 m over and say does this look better here or there? With out the ability to  make these decisions in teams I feel it takes away from the community as a whole. I mean I edit, i publish then ask, "does the tree look good there" friends say no move it 2m. Then i go into editor move it and go back again and they say..no 2 m other direction. We don't need visitors to be able to get into the scene editor with us, but we do need our teams. 


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