Inventory is NOT a content creator's tool

I believe that in this alpha stage some things should be straightened out between creators, and service providers.

Sansar will consist of :

service provider (Linden Lab)

client ( users who are NOT creators that come on to pay for content and experiences offered to them)

content creators ( an individual that creates content by  assembling other content creators assets/scripts, or an individual uploading assets/scripts to be sold on a marketplace)

production commercial experience studio ( an individual or a group of individuals who work together to completely produce a profit/non profit generating experience using  their own assets and coding and possibly outsourcing assets or codes purchased on marketplace if faster to buy than to build)

while it is obvious that  sansar  is made with the goal to make it easy for any 3rd artist or programming ignoramus, to be capable to build something no matter how smart or spartan,

at the end of the day, it must be capable to offer proper tools for those who instead know precisely what the you are doing, may it be 3d animated rigged content, or advanced coding, light systems, sound systems particle systems, weather systems, camera systems, payment systems, UI systems, HUD systems, networking systems, branding systems, customer loyalty systems, client conversion systems, client retention systems etc etc.

any individual can build a nice experience, buy stuff on market place, ask someone for help for some  simple coding, and voila, you will get a SL looking nice Sansar experience make the client happy, and he will be able to get Sandex to buy hair and shoes and nice characters or clothes to wear.

ANOTHER thing is, if

I as content creator am working with other 2 3d artists  two programmers and wish to  build a commercial experience that can  host 30 40 thousand clients at any given moment, because lets face it Sansar CAN  do this, as its business model is precisely  conceived for this.

So as a experience creator, lets face inventory to me is useful to NOTHING.

I wouldn't be here to buy hair and shoes and go make friends around in some cute jazz ballroom, and show off my new wonderful mesh hair and shoes.

I would be here importing millions of polygons thousands of substances, hundreds of light IES files, hundreds of sound files, hundreds of animations, I have noe even started to mention the thousands of scripts which  are governing  the thousands of assets inside My experience.

I would need to have full control on whoever enters MY experience on  if they are wearing scripts or if they are allowed to wear ONLY content that is by us certified OR by us  made.

I will make an example using a notorious game which is precisely made on a Sansar like experience model.

WAR thunder.

A client logs on war thunder, he has his space, his hangar where he has all  the airplanes he has achieved or purchased, lets call it  Sansar inventory....this would IMPLY that me as experience provider, should have the ability to INSTALL to the client My specific INVENTORY  made with My specific UI for it, so for  it NOT to get mingled and mixed with other hundred thousand stuff purchased by the client   from others or on marketplace.

Then the client, will click to join My experience.

He lands in the lobby, where he can check all hsi gaming status, all teh friends in his contacts, and decide in which campaign he wishes to go play or if to play relaistic or arcade mode.

He chooses his mode and will in other 29 players in one of the instances by me prepared as soon is it filled by 30 players the death match starts.

For me as a experience provider, I need to have the ability to allow ME and all My staff/partners to access simultaneously any asset used  for this experience, which implies codes light meshes textures millions of stuff, which we must be capable to use  togheter simultaneously, just as it is made in film production in maya as an example.

It is NO good for me that if i found some trees that are more comfortable for use to buy  from MP rather than use time to produce, to have them in MY inventory sitting there, I must have the ability to drop it in my asset browser and for MY partners to  immediately use.

this is why permissions are also important

If I have a client come on online with a nice pair of shoes or hair with a particular script  in it to change colour, I MUST have the ability to NOT allow those scripts to enter my experience at all.

While it is still not clear if servers are or will be propietary,  it is certainly clear that the whole point of using substances is to increase or maximise or optimize server performance,  this implies that NO true serious experience creator will WANT  people come in wearing a single script that is NOT relevant to that  precise experience.

the list is much longer than this.

But to make a long story short.

A market place content creator can sell stuff, but the BUYER must have the ability to decide if they want this item for inventory or FOR  an asset to be used inside an experience, which would imply for me to have full permission of that it me inside the experience ONLY, including scripts. That particular asset is NO good to me if i cant have My partners to use it directly if it is sitting in My client inventory, I am NOT a client  I am a content/experience creator working with other programmers and creators

I as experience creator and provider must have  an asset browser, with assets managers, like light managers , sound managers, code managers, camera managers so that  i  together with My partners can work  in the experience real time together, identifying individually or by grouping where precisely in space and time is a particular asset, and what are its attributes.

this is  valid for HUDs and UI even in VR

Maybe i want a iron  man HUD to be visible in a VR set directly, and eg have binoculars in it where i can the toggle the client VR view to a specific camera that has magnifying attributes, cause i want him to be capable to view an enemy hiding behind a bush 2 kilometers form where he is, if the client graphics settings draw distance and GPU is capable of that.

Maybe i want for game performance for any asset to be derendered or not loaded according to a client vicinity , on a 4k experience maybe 10 clients are in SE corner so il definitely want to code that anything over 600 meters is not loaded in the experience to optimize gaming or client and server side performance.

We must have specific asset managers in order to do all of this an inventory will only make it innapetible to create any experience of any relevance worth paying loyalties to Linden Lab for, especially with unreal working on 6% commission and no pay pal and exchange rates fees , and consolles  supporting direct x12 and vulkan, with pcie gen 4 behind the corner having enough bandwidth to not need sli, the platforms on which to work on become more and more, so it all comes down to which has the best tools  to create provide, be stable and maximize profits, this given if a service provider business model is appropriate to offer a content of a certain level acceptable to delight a client well enough, for him to be willing to pay a premium that can cover both costs and generate profit to service providers and creators, when would he decide to  access it.

So this is why i am asking as a feature a yes client invntory, but for expereince creators an asset browser, with asset managers with in build attibute editors.....as simple reference you might just take look at how VRay light manager is build.

I was in the Nividia Iray programwhere I specifically suggested Alex fuchs Iray dev to make alight manager for Iray for maya, which he wlecomed alot, and autodesk on the follwong service pack for maya 2016 had May a light manager come with it.

this can be aplied to sounds, scripts, assets and so man other things that whoever wishes to make an educational experience or a gaming one or social oriented one will need , if wokrign alone, and ESPECIALLY if workign in a team.

last but not least, when creating an experience since the assets belong to it if this idea of mine will be accepted as it ought to, every participant in crating this experience  can be listed in the experience with its income hare predefined in the very moment of the experience creation, and authorization upon launch so for its members to be guaranteed to have their accorded share of income, and thus end an everlasting trust issue that has been dominating second life since its birth including thousand of filed DMCAs who only been a big weight over LL support and a great deterrent for major creators/companies to decide to abandon secondlife business model for good


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