NVIDIA VXGI and Light Manager


I would definitely ask as a MUST to support Nvidia VXGI, as pbr with only direct illuminations is basically graphically less innovative than what is PAC MAN today.

64 rays as standard that can be lowered or made higher by the content creator

(please check here if You are not familiar with VXGI before making any comment



VR is impossible without GI and its reflections, it isnt even close to Virtual semireality, its like second life with C# and FBX running on nirans viewer with bloom enabled.

We need to see frosted glass and plants leaves and flowers translucency when the light bounces on them, we need to be able to see subsurface scattering to have proper characters. we need to see light bounce  from a floor to a wall  , and who knows even decent caustics on a physical ocean.


That being said, it also implies having hundreds of lights, that can have its shape, IES file, intensity, color temperature  and possibly even wattage.

A light mixer of manager is MUST in order to instance group or make individual lights, and for the creator to precisely set and CODE for when complex particles systems will be available and GI  implemented.

It would crazy to build on 4k sqm with hundreds of lights without a tool like this, even a contemporary sushi restaurant replica in NOBU style would be a nightmare to set up without it.

Virtual reality is all about Virtual photo realistic capability (though cartoonish VR can be just as amazing but still at pixar like style you wold need some form of GI) even if in a fantasy situation, it is not seeing 3d content in stereo at 90 fps.

creators must have the ability to  manage hundreds of lights on the fly in a designated perfectly conceptualized, powerful and precise to the tin interface.


I would very grateful if LL devs would understand that serious archiz, educators, and even pixar that  still bake light information in areas where light isnt dynamic in their scene , eg spotlights lighting a ceiling for ambiance and people seeking to emulate complex scifi or luxury situations use dozens of light sources in areas as small as a hall if it was a mere discoteque or concert hall we can definitely talk about hundreds if not in some cases even thousands

 To find what lights doing what in a outliner like format is obsolete and impossible to manage with the hardware performance duplicating every 24 months


So I will be very grateful  to You to give this request a vote so for You to have a brilliant future on sansar with wonderful scenes and I want to thank the Lindens the day they will make this request a state of the art example to all its competitors, while living the most advanced tools to the people that are investing their ideas and time here with  the hope for a joyful creative and educational experience and why not a prosperous venture because profit is the measure of  success for a business, both Yours and Ours.




p.s. It would be nice if there was an entity that would check if HDRI exr files uploaded by people are properly corrected in nuke, I have not  checked every single experience but so far what i can certify is that neither the white point nor the EXR intensity have correct values, people dont know that common HDRI files downloaded around need to be corrected..so even if Sansar supports PBR, at this very moment there is not one single true PBR material around because of this.....for what it counts it will at least help the Graphics software engineers stop banging their heads on why blacks are washed out and highlights shoot like a bomb and have budget manager save some money   to invest in  other issues.


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