Sansar Roadmap?

There is some information of upcoming features & fixes can be found here and there on forum but if it is not hard, please, create a solid roadmap thread. What is on the plate for next one-two-three updates (one update each two months as I understand?). That may sound like waste of time for Sansar team, but from creator side I have my doubts & lack of motivation - at present even for closed beta stage there is too quiet and visitor experience is way too boring. For example: is anybody aware of movement system problems (currently I can only walk and that goes with speed of disabled man on wheelchair, that is one of the reasons why Sansar is not fun for visitor). This roadmap also somewhat scary thing because it will expose how deep is understanding of current problems/lack of something by dev team itself + how much manpower behind Sansar... but if you're sure in yourself and fundamental concepts - it can bring some life & motivation to creators :)

Example: https://trello.com/b/jUeF6CYM/space - sinspace roadmap



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