[CLASSES] Programming Class for Sansar (Launching 1 Week After Script Patch)

Hello Sansarians,

I am Bioblaze Payne. ^_^ Nice to meet you, I write this because soon the Programming Language known as C# will be activated on Sansar. Giving us alot of new ways and things we can fiddle with. Teleportation asside, we have access a very limited set of classes/enums and functions. Because of that, 1 Week after the Official Patch, a Twice a Week Class will be held on Sat, and Sun in the PST Timezone. 

The Class will resemble a ordinary Class from Secondlife or College if you prefer. We will go over a few simple concepts on Programming, the Do`s, and Dont`s so to speak. And will make a Example Script, which will be Randomly Every Week. 

Sat. Class will be a Beginner Sort of Class it will be held 2 Hours between 2pm-4pm. The class will consist of the things explained above, but also give you some understanding on how a Script should written, and the structure/layout as well as proper understanding of what your trying to achieve.

Sun. Class will be a Advanced Class focused on the more direct Issues in the Programming Language where it is related to Sansar, this will be a Q & A Sort of Class, with the Focus around building a more Complex Script Associated too a Monthly Theme.

Classes are Free, of course. For more Information Post a thing here, and I`ll reply as I see them. 


Wonder why I am doing this?

Do you remember how many years it took for scripting to advance in Secondlife? How Laggy and Awful and downright dangerous scripts were? Why should we let that happen a second time? Why not set Standards now, and figure out the Basics, before we open the world up to another 5+ year span of scripting slowly evolving. More complete examples, more focused and direct Wiki & Help Documentation, more advanced tutorials on scripting, and how to handle C# in Sansar.

This is why I`m doing this. :)


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