Monetization of Sansar with Game Mechanics

Monetization of Sansar with Game Mechanics

So I had a somewhat novel idea for monetizing Sansar using game mechanics. Having a bit of trouble on how best to present this information, so I am going to list the monetization model first and then the requirements.

  1. Creators build scenarios and dungeons that users will be able to enter once per week to gain experience, sansars and items.  Users will need to pay a fee dependent upon level and rarity of the scenario to be able to run it.
  2. Users who run the scenarios will be afforded some items that they will be able to sell to the general Sansar population.  
  3. Sansar or premium creators build higher quality towns and experiences within Sansar that you can only get to after achieving a certain level for your Avatar.

This will create an incentive loop that will be self fueling.  Users will be incentivized to buy Sansars to be able to use the content to level up their avatars and to buy items available from other users. Creators will be incentivized to build better content to attract the sansars spent by users to level up their avatars.  And Linden Lab will benefit from every transaction, so driving the frequency of those transactions should be the goal.


What this will require of Linden Lab.  Sansar will need to be equipped from the outset with a robust avatar system.  Which if I am not mistaken is already in the works.  Sansar will also need to have a levelling system, skill system, itemization system and class system.  Sansar would need to have a team that reviewed new experiences and items that would become available to the users from scenarios and dungeons in order to maintain balance.

While this would require a significant initial investment from Linden Lab in resources, absolutely no other use of the platform will drive transactions and profit like gaming.


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