Collaborative Projects, Experiences & Financial Splits


Hellooo Sansarinos, 

So I have a few pretty important feature requests/questions. 

1. Experiences

  • With studios and business partners a like taking time to come together and work in Sansar, how will experiences work? Will two or more people be able to contribute to an experience? It seems like such a huge project to take on solo, especially when it comes to brands that might have entire teams involved. In Second Life (sorry for the comparison but I think this one is important) multiple people can own, live, and work in a single experience contributing to it. I think this is hugely important. Having a single log on and possibly having to share log in information to work in an experience feels shaky and dangerous.

2. Income for Collaborative work

  • In Second Life (yup sorry) it's already established on marketplace that you can add a single avatar for a percentage to split the income to. Also there are numerous scripts in world allowing vendors to split a percentage to xyz resident(s). Because of tax reasons and the other person not being an employee, pay out on paypal can be expensive. Whats the plans for this?

3. In world "stores"

  • This one is less important to me, and I could be thinking more along the way of "the old ways" of which I am glad to get rid of. But will there be in experience stores/shops/etc? This is goes along with the top comment for the need for collaborative experiences.

As it stands in Sansar I feel very stuck, I mostly work on avatars, so logging in to Sansar to preview anything has been rough. While I look forward to working on environments here, the world, as beautiful as it is, feels more like an alpha than a beta ready to open. 



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