More viewport controls

After uploading my first mesh the first thing I noticed today were the limited pan/zoom controls. At the moment we only seem to have LMB and RMB to zoom and pan both which are unfortunately rather clunky and a little frustrating to use compared to various 3D programs. Would it be possible to have more control options? 

A little example of what I am talking about.

Blender - Holding middle mouse button


Sansar -



In the Sansar gif it feels very constrained. You feel almost stuck to the ground where as in various 3D programs, such as blender and Maya or Zbrush you are able to be "an eye in the sky" and have much more freedom to view and move around your scene.

It would also be nice to be able to zoom using middle mouse button or at least have the option to change the controls to choose this. Perhaps a small drop down menu where you can switch in and out of different control sets that reflect popular 3D programs, or even a preference menu where you can set your own controls.

Obviously this is still early days and it takes time to learn new controls but I'm sure people would appreciate being able to seamlessly switch from their desired modelling program to Sansar. 


Thanks -

Nina :)


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