Search in People App

To improve the social experience in Sansar there needs to be a way to find people who are not simultaneously online and nearby. Some simple suggestions that could improve the current social aspects follow... with (a) being the critical initial one.

a) In the "People" app, provide a search box to allow for partial match search on a user or avatar name.

b) On the forums and accompanying web pages for Sansar experiences, wherever a user name appears allow a link to the user profile and there provide an "invite as friend" click link.

c) In the Chat tool, when the mouse is hovered over one of the chatting avatar names the name changes from "name" to "@name" but its not clickable to get information, profile or options possible for that avatar.

d) When you hover over an avatar inworld a way to get the avatar name profile links, invite as friend, etc. would be very useful.

Related to this is a problem that, at the moment, names do not appear with avatars and its not possible to tell who is who and who is speaking.  Name bars and some sort of speaker feedback (to also easily spot mistakenly open mics) would be useful.

I appreciate some of these indicators might break immersion when in VR mode, and some aspects of these more useful social features mighty only kick in when not in VR mode.


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