Ai's Sansar Experience

Hello everyone... I got my invite to enter and test Sansar just before Christmas but have been travelling and away from my main Oculus rig.  So I am setting up properly now and I will use this post to note the experiences and give feedback on any issues that I spot.

I use the name "Ai Austin" (if you see me around pronounce my name as "eye") in virtual worlds and in real life am Austin Tate in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As an introduction, I am an Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher and developer with interests in AI planning and collaboration, especially for emergency response. I have been around in social virtual worlds and environments for quite a while, going right back to MUD days (40 years ago!). Sometimes for fun and mostly for educational and collaboration research purposes.



In the last decade I have been coordinator for the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue)  facilities in Second Life and OpenSimulator (OpenSim). I have been 3D modelling (Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max) and creating vehicles for flight and space simulators  for over 20 years. I try a lot of platforms that may be relevant to our interests, and have quite a bit of test and development work in OpenSim, use a converter for content between OpenSim Archives (OARs) and Unity3D, and in Unity3D social virtual world platforms and Unity3D VR experiences.  I hope to use some of the assets available from that work to test Sansar and give feedback.

I mostly develop on Windows 10 desktops, use Oculus (CV1/Touch and DK2) and use Nvidia GPUs (GTX 980 and 1080).


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