More marketing towards non VR users.


  I have been creating in Second Life now since 2008, which was also my very first year. My friend Stacey and I have a fairly large customer base, whom have our ears. VR is amazing, no question, but as I said in another forum post, it is still very early in the game for it to be the primary focus for anything. 

  I understand it's like a land rush at the moment, everyone wants a piece of the pie before it does finally blow up for the main-stream/average consumer. Until that happens though, it's going to be the current average user that builds the foundation for Sansar. 

 Between in-world conversations and various social media platforms, I've heard a lot of talk from Second Life residents about Sansar. One subject that comes up time and time again, from both residents & content creators a like, is the worry about Sansar and VR. Since that's almost all that's been talked about in interview and articles, it's beginning to alienate a big consumer base. Sure people will be curious and come see it, but right now it screams "You don't belong here" to many of them. I've lost count on how many conversations I've had where I've said something similar to "no, no, it's not just VR it's...." and that really worries me. 

 While SL is justt one piece of the virtual world pie, they are a large piece ,and I can promise you if SLers are having these concerns, so are other virtual world residents curious about new places to visit. 

 One thing that would really help is if the marketing team perhaps painted a picture of an experience everyone could belong too, without special equipment, beyond their pc. Second Life (and other virtual world folks), are amazing, imaginative, ambitious and ingenious. Not only have they built Second Life from the ground up with the limited tools handed to them, but they have become a resilient bunch do to having to adjust to so many backwards processes just to get anything done.

  You absolutely want these people here. You need those people that will take on the challenge of learning everything and know how to approach other like minded residents, because they've experienced places like IMVU, SL and so on. But, to get these people you'll need to include them in your articles, interviews and website blurbs. You'll need to let them know that this is a place for them too, they belong. It cant all be left up to the content creators of SL currently here to sell them on it. 

I firmly believe Sansar is the next big thing, visually its absolutely stunning and when avatar stuff is in (hopefully with actual run/walk/fly options) it's going to blow people away. So I hope you'll consider my "feature request", even though it isn't a technical one, I do think its quite important.

Have a Happy New Year,

Liz (or Tyr, if you are from SL)


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