Scripting requests

(you said "keep them coming" lol)


****1) We need the ability to animate textures.  I would like to be able to make waterfalls and fountains and fireplaces and candles - all of which use texture animation at the very least (you can also do them with particles - but that seems to be a more distant goal).  

You can't make fountains without running water, or fire without dancing flames.

2) Animations :P  - I know that is a fairly distant goal, but my furniture is dead without being able to sit on it.  It is a can of worms until avatar customization is worked out.  If only all of the models would specify a single bone, like pelvis, that is always set to zero position and zero rotation, then it would not matter so much how big the avatar was, because you could place that point on the seat or horse or whatever and all avatrs would end up with their butts in the right place...:)


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