Requests to improve user-friendiness of the scene editor

 I am hoping that I will grow more adept at using the controls in the scene editor, as well as in an experience.  I am finding the movement and viewing controls to be very awkward, at least compared to what I am used to in SL.


I am finding it awkward and clumsy not being able to select an object as the focus to zoom/rotate around.  I would like to be able to do something like what we can do in SL, where you can select an object, then hold down the ctrl+alt keys and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and the mouse drag to rotate around that object.  It feels very slow and awkward to move the skycam around the way it is in sansar - it seems as though the camera itself is always the pivot point.

It is awkward not being able to drag select objects in the scene editor.  I am not sure how much building you are thinking people will being doing in the scene editor, but I was trying to use system lights in my Christmas tree in Victoriana and they kept getting buried in the tree and were difficult to select.  If I were able to drag-select the lights, it would be much easier.

Another thing is that it would be good to have the ability to link objects and unlink them in the scene editor.  For example, once I had the lights in my christmas tree, I wished I could link the lights to the tree so that I could sell it that way.


That would mean we'd probably need to be able to take objects from the scene back into inventory if they were changed during editing of the scene and we wanted to keep them.  


This is a big thing - but I wish there were not such a distinction between an experience/scene and the scene editor.  I wish that we could do the editing when we are in the scene and then save the scene as an experience, rather than opening the scene, saving it, then entering it from the atlas.  It seems like the creator should be able to enter the scene editor to edit it.






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