Challenges with Blender/Sansar texturing workflow.

I am having a bit of a struggle getting the workflow between Blender and Sansar to create the textures I need. I have a few questions and thoughts.

Shall I presume for Blender I use Blender Internal render (as opposed to Cycles) with a Lambert Diffuse Shader and a Phong Specular Shader set up as you describe?

I have read the guides. They are unclear. For metal (mirror) does one create black or white texture (metal or non-metal) or a color? I guess my question is, for metal does diffuse provide the color or does mirror provide the color (or just determine as I asked metal/non-metal)? When I make metal/mirror white, spec stretches out, more like anisotropic spec. If metal/mirror is black then spec is a circle. Another question: for roughness/spec color, just use a grayscale image to indicate amount of roughness? And another question about metallic fbx in Blender (and yes, I am using Phong for spec). in most apps, for metal diffuse is black and reflection is reflective color of metal. How does this process work with Blender to Sansar? - My metal looks basically like plastic, and metal/mirror just seems to make spec highlight take on color of diffuse. It appears there is much work to be done on a Blender to Sansar texturing workflow for this to come anywhere near my expectations, or else I have much to learn (probably a combination of the two). Anyhow, it seems to be an exciting enterprise once things are working properly.


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