Various Scene Editor Requests

Hey Community, I am so happy to be apart of the Sansar Project! I wanted to start off right away by saying thank you for the invitation.


Anyways, this has been a completely new and interesting experience and I thought I would start this off by adding my two cents on what would really benefit the user. Now, then. Let me give a little background regarding myself.


I love working in Unreal Engine 4. The process is streamlined effectively and also allows the user to edit, manipulate and change various data on the fly -- with or without C++ knowledge (That I love editing and making some UPROPERTY()'s myself. :D).


So I think Sansar's end goal should try to emulate what makes UE4 so successful and I will be listing some things here that will do just that. I will be listing things off with a scale of minor and major things.

1) Sounds

    A) Sounds should have a preview in the upload (Minor)

    B) Sounds should have a preview in the inventory (Major)

    C) Sounds should have a Sphere Radius with attenuation settings (Major)


 Q: Why should these features be implemented?

 A: Regarding Section A. This is a minor request. It simply generates a more friendly experience for the end user and allows them a chance to "double-check" their uploads.


 As for Section B. This is an absolute must. Otherwise the idea of having to save / publish and preview for various sounds when the ability to teleport freely (Without scripted objects) for various locations makes it very difficult! This is something that users will absolutely crave for.


 Finally with Section C. I believe the property "Loudness" and "Scale" probably already have some affect on this. However, a sphere radius to indicate it (With the ability to preview based on camera location!) would be ideal and extremely helpful.




2) Material Editor

     A) Something similar to Second Life but perhaps using nodes for input? (Minor/ Major)

    B) Texture Panning (Major)


 Q: Texture panning isn't really in UE4 or most engines. At least not in the same way Second Life had it. Why should Sansar carry this?

 A: This was actually a very unique and interesting feature that Second Life had over every competitor and even modern video game engines. This level of customization to even the smallest detail made it easy to allign textures or distort them in favorable ways in a quick and precise manner. This is an absolute must.


     Unreal Engine 4 uses nodes and graphs in a Material Editor equipped with a variety of different functions to facilitate material needs and effects. I'm not expecting an exact replica of this but I do believe it would be important to have some sort of material editor inside of the Scene Editor.



3) Scripting (Will come back to this later when Scripting is enabled!)




4) Editor and User Relationships.

     A) Create a material that will be highlighted when hovering over an object with an object (Light cyan blue) or when it is selected (Yellow? Orange? You guys pick! :D) (Major)


    B) Sound notifications for basic hovering, clicking, etc. (Minor)


    C) Folders and organizations. I have no doubt that this is in the works but I figure i'd put it here anyways. (Major)


Q: What is the basic need for these?

A: The basic need regarding option A is simple. More user feedback the better the experience which means a more enjoyable time which translates to more time spent inside of the product. It's a very basic need that will go a very long way in the future. The same applies to B but less so.


    As for Point C: I think it is pretty obvious why organization and folders are necessary to have. If you're constructing a scene with over 2000+ Scene Objects (Actors) all of which have multiple materials, scripting purposes, etc... well. It's going to be needed.




Anyways, thank you again for the invite. I'll do my best to test every little aspect of this that I can. I am looking forward to the scripting elements for sure. Should be fantastic.

If you plan on opening the viewer up with open source then I should be able to contribute code wise.

Also as a minor point my Slack Email isn't working! Anyways, have a great day. Hope to hear back from you all soon. Let's make this an amazing product!




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