Sansar in Browser

Joining on browser is easy!

Simply go to our browser feed and follow these steps.

  1. Sign in with your Sansar account or create one if needed
    • You can log into Sansar here, and create an account here if needed
  2. Go to the live stream of the concert
  3. Pick a camera angle
  4. Feel free to switch between camera angles for the best experience
  5. Enjoy!

With our browser you can view our concerts on any device that is has access to the internet.

You can watch on tablets, iPhones, Android tablets, desktop PC, Mac PCs and even a Smart fridge if it has an internet browser!

Just follow the steps above and you will be able to view our concert streams anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection and web surfing capability

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    This isn't correct. It does not work using a web browser on a Mac

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    If anything, a "trial version" "Sansar try" works on a Mac desktop but all you can basically do is sign in as a guest and visit worlds. You cannot build anything. If you want to really have an avatar and do a lot in Sansar, you need a Windows PC. To be honest, I tried Sansar on an iPad and an Android phone and got very poor results. Either worlds take a long time to load or the apps are just plain glitchy. If there is any improvement in terms of availability across devices over the next month or so, that would be great. Otherwise, I am sorry to say, it appears I have been led along on false pretenses and that is not at all a good reflection on Sansar. If the folks at Sansar want to keep a good customer base, perhaps it is time to shed all pretense and tell the truth. It is truth in marketing and advertising the builds customer trust, not the BS the media is so fond of dishing out.

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