Dynamic Sit Points!

New Features

  • Dynamic Sit Points
    • Sit Points can now be authored in any orientation (Exit points remain World Up)
    • Users will stay in first person when entering Sit Points and track with sit point orientation
    • Third Person Camera will remain world up, but track moving sit point
    • World Vs Local flag added on Exit Point to denote if exiting should be relative to world or the sit point.
    • Emotes can be used when seated. Will play on upper body and be single play
    • Enter and exit sitting animations have been removed
    • Users can grab rigid bodies with sit points
    • Interaction order for sit points vs interaction scripts has been changed. Sit takes precedence to allow for interacting with chair while seated
    • Rigid Bodies with Sit Points will work properly when dispensed
    • Previously authored sit points will be versioned to retain previously desired orientation
  • Box group selection in the scene editor (shift+left mouse click drag)


  • Asset property locking is now separate from asset movement locking
    • Move Lock Hotkey: "L"
    • Edit Lock Hotkey: "Alt+L"
  • Improvements to script performance (primarily around removal of scripted objects from the scene)

Known Issues

  • Camera can lag slightly behind body when on moving sit point in some cases
  • First Person VR IK is limited to forward facing when seated
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