New Release 10/20/2020


• 'ESC' key now opens a new menu with settings, log out, and exit options (mouse look mode moved to F7)

• Emote panel now has a 'Random' button that will play back a random emote

• UV scale for Four layer and Three Layer standard shaders increased to 1000

• Film camera elevation can be controlled with controller triggers

• Film camera speed can be controlled with controller bumpers


• General fixes for film camera

• Fixed crash when adjusting settings while loading experience

• Fixed EditServer crash when attempting to build invalid experiences with Gi/Audio Reverb enabled

• Fixed avatar editor 'See All' option for saved face presets

• Dropped Keyframe objects now have the proper position for clients late-joining the world

Behavior Change

• Held Keyframe objects no longer collide with Static or Keyframe objects. This prevents a slowdown and potential OOM crash when colliding with terrain. Held Keyframe objects still collide with Dynamic bodies and Trigger Volumes.

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