Welcome to the Ambassadors Program.



Hey everyone!

I'm excited to announce some major changes, updates, and improvements surrounding the COMET Program.

We listened to the feedback that was given about the COMET program from the first round, and determined what worked and did not work as well for everyone involved. For the next iteration of the program, we're keeping the parts of the program that not only worked best for Sansar - but what was also enjoyed/appreciated from both the prior members and the community as a whole.

Other platforms have similar helper programs - and we believe that this addition to the program will help grow Sansar tremendously. The ambassadors programs purpose is to help promote and empower both the community and its events - not just the ambassadors program itself.

The program will aim to do several things including: help teach new users, have limited moderation ability, encourage new users/growth/events, and showing that Sansar is the place to be.

Due to the fact that the COMET program is being almost nearly re-imagined - we also believe it is only fitting to give it a new name to reflect the new programs' values and purpose.

Welcome to the Sansar Ambassadors Program.




  • Ambassadors are expected to sign a Wookey general NDA to participate.
  • Ambassadors are expected to be exemplary community members by behaving like a leader/role model and avoiding unnecessary or malicious confrontation in the Community.
  • The Ambassadors Program is a volunteer program.
  • Ambassadors are program volunteers that represent Sansar
    • They should never request personal information and they should never imply that they are Wookey Employees.
    • They should remain professionally unbiased and apolitical with any actions/decisions made related to/within the program.
  • Ambassadors operate as a team to cover and create events.
  • Ambassadors may be removed from the program at Sansar staff’s will.
  • Ambassadors must NOT abuse their role for any reason. Helpers are expected to only use their roles for helping the greater good of events/Wookeys.
  • Ambassadors (Helper Rank) must always record any actions taken with detailed date, time, and description of the incident.
  • Ambassadors will be given a once-a-week Staff meeting. Weekly feedback meetings for Ambassadors for Euro and US time zones
  • If there are any questions/concerns/or complaints on any member of the Ambassadors program, please include a detailed report of the incident/concern with the date, time, and any relevant details to community@wookey.com


Well, what is it? What's the purpose?

The Ambassadors program has three main purposes:

  1. To serve as role-models in the community: protecting, serving, promoting & helping grow the Sansar community at large.

  2. To help new and existing users: teaching others, answering questions, greeting new users in the Nexus and at events, helping at big events, making new users feel welcome, and being a champion of knowledge within the community. The ambassadors program is to help promote the community and its events - not just the ambassadors program itself.

  3. To show that Sansar is the best place to be: Hosting events, encouraging and helping others to create/promote events, empowering new users to both create and participate in events, and to work together to create/host a full calendar of regularly scheduled programming/event cadence within Sansar.

Who can be an ambassador? What's required?

Almost anyone can and is encouraged to become an ambassador!

Applicants are at minimum required to:

  • Have been a part of the Sansar community for at least a month
  • Have proven to be respectful/not in any trouble. No recent disciplinary actions or issues.

Preferred traits:

  • Have hosted at least one event
  • Have knowledge of online communities.

Okay, and does everyone in this program do the same thing?

Not quite!

The Sansar Ambassadors Program is comprised of two roles:

  1. Helpers - The veterans of the guides. These folks have proven their trustworthiness and hard-work as guides and also act as a helper to new guides in the program. Additionally, helpers are trusted with some in-world moderation tools.

  2. Guides - The introductory role for any new joining ambassador. While learning the ropes, these folks will be primarily focused on helping and greeting new users, assisting at events, and hosting events.

What are some examples of things that an Ambassador would do?

One of the things that we realized/learned from the previous iteration of the program is that there is such a wide variety of talent in our community. With the Ambassadors program, we don't want to limit that to just hosting events - but encompass and encourage all different talents and strengths within both the program and the overall community. Additionally, the Ambassadors program wishes to encourage creativity and strength in each members own way!

Here are a few examples of the "Choose your own task" objectives that will be available. (More to be added.)

  • Create a tutorial (Written, or Video) and publish to the Sansar Forums.
  • Help a (new/non-established) musician/DJ User to throw a planned event or Concert.
  • Host a Pre party or After Party for a major/tentpole Sansar event
  • Moderate (Or Greet) at a Sansar tentpole event event.
  • & more!

  • Well, this is a volunteer program... do the Ambassadors get any special perks or privileges?

Yes they do!

  • Moderation Tools - Because Sansar is an international platform, we realize that it's not possible at this point for a Sansar Staff member to always be around 24/7. However, we believe that this is a step in the right direction. Only the advanced role of Helpers will be given some in-world moderation tools (Kick, Smite, Mute, Muteall, Megaphone, etc.) to help the community around the clock against trolls and those that violate our Terms of Service.
  • Communication - Weekly Ambassador Meetups in world, an internal channel to communicate on, and Ambassador Discord roles in the Sansar Official Discord.
  • Early Access to Features and Information - Occasionally, Ambassadors will be invited to beta test or stress test new features the Sansar team is planning on releasing to everyone. Additionally, Ambassadors will (on occasion and with reason), be privy to information before it is announced to the community at Large. (Planned new features, planned upcoming events, etc).
  • Incentive Based Rewards - As a thank you to our phenomenal volunteers, there will be minor incentives both for the Ambassadors, and incentives earned for the community at large.
    • (Examples of Ambassador Rewards: Sansar Dollars, Real-life Sansar Merch, VIP Tickets to events, etc.)
    • (Examples for Community Rewards: New Backpack Items, New Default Templates, New Features, Sansar items, etc.)
  • Both the communities and our everlasting love + gratefulness.

Signup + More: 

We announce signups in the announcements channel inside of the Sansar Official Discord.

To sign up + be considered to participate in the Ambassadors Program, please fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/GdyF4UbT6j1FrjN38


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