Release..September 30th, 2020

Hey Sansarians! Our most recent update is live!


This update fixes many bugs and several other issues as well.



  • Added a scene statistics panel so users can have more robust information about memory and triangle count for worlds
  • Added a feature that resets an object's pivot point to be in the center of the object


  • Improved full body Vive Tracker Support
  • Improvements to server and client performance for avatars. This requires going through the avatar upgrade process.


  • Fixed a crash that happens when users import a three layer shader in the material editor
  • Fixed an issue that was causing system assets to not property snap to the ground while editing a scene
  • Fixed an issue where a user's VR camera would not match the view of a scripted camera
  • Fixed a client crash issue caused by empty node groups
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from saving changes while the material editor was open
  • Reduced stream audio crackle when CPU is under heavy load
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