New Release- 9/9/2020...Reactions!

  • New Features
    • Reactions
      • 9 New Reactions have been added to the Emote panel.
      • These Reactions create a fun effect above the avatar's head
      • Reactions from users can be seen throughout all instances!
      • User Script control coming soon
    • Edit World Property Undo - Properties are now part of the undo/redo stack
    • Script Control of Lights backed into the scene can now be controlled from broadcaster
    • Halo Saturation control for Media Surface + ChromaKey shader
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Audio sliders that weren't affecting their expected volumes
    • Moderation commands are no longer case sensitive
    • Jump sound effect is now part of the world audio slider
    • Scrollbar no longer covers right side of chat window
    • Increase CreateCluster limit for ScenePrivate to 300 per second
    • Increase Coroutine limit to 512
    • Fix minor UI issues
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