#RaveAtHome Release Notes


#RaveAtHome Release

As you know, it’s been a minute since any of us went dancing. It’s also been a minute since our last big release, which is probably why we’re doubling down on fixes and features to get you moving, grooving and raving like you used to.

Let loose in lockdown with Sansar’s latest release - chock full of the improvements you need to start a party at home!

<3 The Sansar Team


New Features:

Improved Onboarding

First Impressions are important, which is why we’ve revamped and upgraded the onboarding process for you. Fresh VR notifications + a new first time avatar selector are coming your way as well as brand new styles for the login screen, updater, and installer.

  • Updated First time User Avatar selector
  • Updated Login screen style
  • Updated updater style
  • Updated installer style
  • VR notifications.


Nexus Updates

Get to the next event with style and ease. We’ve refreshed the Nexus that you know and love with a sleek, new look. Plus, check out the hot new portals and explore to your heart's content.


Mute-All Feature

Make your voice heard with the new moderation feature- ‘Mute-all’.  World owners now have the permission to mute/unmute everyone inside of the world with a simple command.


Chromakey Shader

Green screen, to the extreme. We’ve added a new Chromakey shader that allows you to get creative by bringing your green-screen media directly into Sansar. 


New Starter Templates

You’re only minutes away from hosting your next big event with our two new starter scene templates. Take the stage with our “Concert” and “Conference Stage” templates - both already complementary in your inventory.


Other Improvements:

A few extra minor updates/improvements are included with this update, including new hint notifications, art styles, a CEF Upgrade, and updates to the order of the Codex “Visited tab” .

There’s never been a better time to live it up in Sansar.

  • New hint notifications and art style
  • Updated codex visited tab default order




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    Kenny Chidorie

    Hi, Lacie. I recently noticed that you added a "ride" function to dynamic objects. I would like to know, will you release a car for sale as a test on which it will be possible to test this?

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