May 14, 2020 - Latest Release

We're back, baby!

We are celebrating with a few fresh fixes and releases that will make life just a little bit sweeter.


Fixed Issues

  • Multiple crash and bug fixes
    • Fixed occasional crash when loading into a scene with animating avatars
    • Fixed crash on shutdown when using Index or Vive
    • Fixed crash when deleting a currently worn hair inventory item
    • Fixed crash when exiting the character editor while transforming an item
  • Fixed issue causing longer experience load times in experiences that have been running a long time

Updates & Improvements

  • Updated Login footer from "Linden Research, Inc" to "Wookey Projects, Corp"
  • Avatar Editor Camera improvements


Stay in-the-know on what is coming up next in Sansar by attending our scheduled Product Meetups and connecting with us on the Sansar Discord.

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