Sweet Emote-tion Release - February 6th, 2020

Sweet Emote-tion Release Notes

You can dance if you want to and you don’t have to leave your friends behind! We’ve made it so much easier to find and party with your friends in Sansar. 

Express yourself more easily with our brand new emotes system. Gone are the days where you have to search through an emote wheel just to wave, now you can do it at the press of a single button. 

Now that you can wave more easily, who are you gonna wave to? Simple: your friends! You’ll be able to find them wherever they are with the new Instance Picker.

We’ve also presenting new and unique avatars to new users so Sansar becomes a more wacky and wonderful reality. Get out there and have fun! Wave, dance, laugh, party with your friends! We’ll see you by the punch bowl.

<3 The Sansar Team

New Features

New Emotes System

Emotes have been consolidated and streamlined! Now you can buy, play, and even assign keyboard shortcuts to emotes while in a world! 

  • Emotes live in a new menu (Ctrl + E)
  • Shortcut keys for emotes (1-0 number row keys)
    • To play an emote you can either press the shortcut key or left-click the emote in the list 
    • To stop an emote move your avatar or left-click the emote in the list again
    • Reassign emote shortcuts at any time by pressing the ‘Assign shortcut’ button in the list and then pressing the shortcut key (1-0 number row) you’d like to use
    • Emote configuration is shared across all your avatars
    • Creator Note: The 1-0 number row keys can still be used by scripts, however, an avatar will also play an emote if it is assigned to the shortcut

Instance Picker

You can find, share, and discover new instances and even share them with your friends! Starting in this release users will be able to see, select and travel to an instance of their choosing (provided there is space).

  • Use ‘Share my instance’ button to share a link to your instance with friends
  • See a list of all available instances of a world
  • Copy a link or drop a portal to a specific instance


Backpack content updates

Some requested and much needed improvements to the interactions, appearances, and sounds of the backpack props. They might have been a little too loud in the past…

  • Lowered sound effects volume
  • Improved physics properties of some props to behave more like their real-world counterparts
  • Improved grab point locations to fit into hands better

New Player Avatars

We wanted to give brand new players more fun avatar options, so we created a few of our own and worked with some creators to create a few avatars for new players to choose from.

  • A line of EDM inspired Avatars selectable from the new player avatar carousel

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue which would cause region headcounts to increase erroneously over time
  • Fixed a crash in the character editor
  • Fixed a crash in the world creation material editor
  • Fixed many miscellaneous UI issues
  • Improved IK

Coming Soon

  • Individual user audio controls
    • Raise/lower the voice volume of other players for yourself
  • Avatar animation script controls
  • Copy and Paste vectors
    • Right-click a vector from an object’s properties or script parameters to copy and paste entire positions, and rotations between objects.
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